Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let us introduce our Company.

The FÉMTECHNIKA Kft. is a specialized private company for developing, manufacturing, selling, installing special doors, aluminium structured doors, windows and space dividing structures and docking systems.. e contained in detail the data needed for designing, dimension selection and installation.

The first industrial doors have been manufactured in 1976. From this time on we had continuously developed our present product pool and till now we have sold more than 38000 item of our products. In the year of 1992 the former state owned enterprise turned into business company. In the same year the company became private. Among these the most important is the Fémtechnika Kereskedelmi Kft., who makes the commercial, installation, service and export-import thus has a complex costumer service activity. The Fémtechnika Vasipari Kft. manufacture steel columns for common lighting and line poles, steel barrels for fuel stocking, and middle heavy steel structures.


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